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Residential Services for Builders & Homeowners

Building or renovating? Don’t forget the cable! We can come in and wire your project to prepare for the future. Even if you don’t want to install something today or tomorrow we can help you think down the road. This will make things possible and cheaper than trying to do it later. If you’re a builder ask about our new Builder Incentive Program making rough-ins fairly priced and incentivizing you to put more wire in your project, giving the home owner options.

Security Systems

The security system is the heart of the home. Sleep easier at night and have peace of mind when you’re not home. Also, it provides valuable information. Therefore, if you combine some or all systems below for a complete security solution you can stay safe and informed.

Alarm Systems

Save on home owners insurance by installing a professionally monitored alarm system. Secure your home at night and when you leave or even when your home. We can secure the perimeter of the home, detect motion, glass breaks, flood, fire and even low temperature to prevent frozen pipes. Ask us about your security concerns and we will find the best solution!

CCTV Security Cameras

Watch your home from anywhere with security cameras. Record footage and get alerts from your CCTV system. Although many companies install CCTV systems, many just pull it out of the box and plug it in. However, we setup the system to your specs or what we think would work best for you.

Electronic Locks

Never again ask yourself if you locked the door. You can know real-time if your door is locked. Not only that, we can make your doors lock by themselves when you leave, go to bed or every time you close the door. But fear not, with keypads you can never again lock yourself out of the house. So go ahead, forget your keys, you got this!


Immerse yourself in media and entertainment. From stand-alone media setups to complete whole home distribution of your media we got you covered. Simplify how you consume your content by controlling it your way. For example, control your music with your voice, your TV from your phone or your universal remote.

Home Theatre Systems

Enjoy your media with superior sound with crisp highs and deep lows. From video games to movies a well installed home theatre system is a great way to enjoy your experience that much more. As stated before, wiring is important, especially in home theatre. Above all, speakers need to be placed in specific locations to ensure you get the real experience. Therefore you should think about wiring speaker locations when you build or renovate to optimize sound for your home theatre system. Even if you don’t plan to install it just yet.

Multi-Room Audio

Listen to music throughout the house. With speakers of all types we can find ones that sound amazing and look even better. For example, we can install ceiling and wall speakers that blend right into the drywall, can be painted to match and provide amazing sound quality. Outdoor rated speakers are also available for your patio, garden or gazebo.

Video Distribution

Watch your video sources in multiple rooms. Ever wished you could see your camera systems from more than just the computer monitor? A video distribution system connects all your sources to multiple TVs. Therefore you can watch anything in any room, pause shows, movies or cable and continue watching in another room. Furthermore an advanced system like this means you don’t need a cable box or media player in the same room as the TV. In other words, we can install the TV on the wall without messy or ugly media cabinets and wires going in every which direction.


This is where everything comes together. Create one touch automation routines to do many things at once. Schedule things to happen on their own or have one thing trigger something else. For example, when you come home after work and disarm the alarm system maybe you want your music to come on. Then when you turn on the TV the lights dim like a movie theatre. After that, the exterior lights automatically kick on around sunset. When you go to bed and arm the alarm system it can lock all doors, check and close the garage, turn off any music, TVs or lights other than in the bedroom.

Thermostats, Lighting and Shades

Adding thermostats, lights and shades are a great way to obtain full control in your home. Doing this can help you save on your utilities while still keeping you comfortable. Motion and scheduled lighting will ensure you never forget to turn a light off again. Also see if you left lights on while out of the home and turn them off from anywhere. Have your thermostat lower when your out of the home or asleep to save on your bills. Although motorized shades may not save much on energy bills its pretty awesome to be able to close them from the remote if you get glare on the TV or to have them close when you go to bed or leave the house.

Whole Home Control

Once you connect a device to an automation system you can now see and control it from anywhere. Sure, controlling your home from the office is cool. But furthermore you can control anything from your phone or remote while on the couch. No need to walk over to the thermostat, light switch, blinds, door lock or alarm panel.

Automated Routines

Home control is really cool and only slightly less impressive than it was 5 years ago. However, the real power of an automation system is the routines and automated triggers you can create. With one press you can do many things at once. Even better make one thing happen when something else happens.