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Buy Your Smart Home Products

We’ve decided to sell all our products online. Feel free to look through our selection of products we believe in. Have questions? Feel free to call or message us to help select the perfect products for your needs. Every product we sell online is a product we have been installing in the field for our customers for years.

Most of our products are sourced here in Canada. We support local, likewise we ask you do too. Although we want to sell you a product, it’s more important to have you set it up properly and know how to use it. That’s why we offer virtual support to help you with whichever products you’re working with, even if you didn’t buy them from us. All our DIY Kits include free virtual support!

Shop by Category

With so many different types of smart home and business electronics there are so many products to choose from. Find what you hope to find quickly and easily by using one of the categories in our online store.

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Alarm Products

New alarm systems act as the brains of your smart home, and it makes sense. An alarm panel knows when you leave, when you come home. You can make a motion sensor control a smart light or you can turn off the air conditioning when the windows or doors are open too long. Once you have the alarm panel in your home or business you can gradually add the smart devices and services to integrate with your smart system.

Alarm Sensors

advanced smart home kit

Expand the security of your home or business with additional alarm sensors. These sensors check for intrusion as well as life safety. Add a flood sensor in your basement, laundry room or by the kitchen sink. Feel safer knowing your system is monitoring for fire or carbon monoxide. Not only will you be alerted before you come to harm, but the appropriate authorities will be alerted too!

Smart Home Products

Because these panels have built-in WiFi, Z-Wave and Bluetooth they can connect to various smart home products. This gives you the power to control everything from a single app, setup automation routines and get notifications from all your devices. Furthermore, the panels we sell include Alexa integration to allow you to do some really cool things from your smart speaker! Add some of these products to your alarm system to make things smarter.

DIY Kits

Mancino Technologies is your go to pro for all things smart home, but that doesn’t mean we won’t help you learn to be a pro too! We sell some awesome pre-packaged kits for different types of systems. We still recommend talking to us so we can help pick the perfect products. Every kit sold on includes FREE virtual support to install or set it up. These kits may come with some set products but we offer some choices about which additional equipment we include in your kit.


We sell professional and consumer grade CCTV systems. Professional grade products CAN operate standalone but are mostly intended to work with a CCTV recorder. Consumer CCTV cameras mostly will not connect to a recorder meaning you’re at the mercy of the manufacturer. Although it may not seem like a big deal, this means you need to pay a monthly fee to record clips. With a pro system you can record 24/7, connect with your phone and have no monthly fees.