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Fortress UHD CCTV Kit

$4 299.00

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This 4K analog UHD CCTV kit will get you high quality recording and active deterrence for even larger properties 24/7 without any monthly fees! Our kit includes everything you will need to install your own analog CCTV system. We can guide you through the installation process virtually and provide you with the resources to help you get the most out of your system. Alternatively, if you aren’t looking to do this yourself, hire us to install this system (within our service areas). The products in these kits use equipment rated for our harsh Canadian winters.

Kits Include:

  • XVR universal recorder with 3TB HDD and ability to add upto 4 more analog and 16 more IP cameras
  • XVR Accessories (Power supply, mouse/remote, network cable)
  • 8 Turret style 8MP CCTV cameras with 30m IR night vision
  • 3 Turret style 5MP CCTV cameras with built-in mic and siren for active deterrence
  • 1 2MP PTZ Camera with 25x optical zoom and 100m IR night vision
  • 3 50ft CCTV camera cables
  • 3 75ft CCTV camera cables
  • 3 100ft CCTV camera cables
  • 3 150ft CCTV camera cables
  • 3x Camera power supply and splitter
  • 1x PTZ camera power supply
  • 3-6 hour virtual installation support* (or installation credit)

Installing on brick or concrete? Don’t forget the junction boxes!

*If you agree to let us use your video for social media and/or future how-to videos we will double your virtual support time!

Weight 20 lbs


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