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Basic Smart Home Alarm Kit


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A basic alarm/smart home kit to get started with home automation. An alarm panel is the foundation of a solid automation system. The alarm panel has the most information, it knows when a door is open, when your window is open, when you’re out of the house, when you return and, if you arm the alarm at night, when you’re going to bed. As such, adding z-wave to an alarm panel brings all the smart home devices together in harmony.

Basic Smart Home Alarm Kit Includes:

We will help you get your basic smart home kit setup the way you want with personalized help over a video call or by text as you setup your smart home devices and automation. We love helping our clients come up with clever automated solutions! Feel free to ask us how we can help you love automation as much as we do.

Full Smart Home Control and Professional Monitoring (WiFi + Cellular Backup)


Basic Professional Security Monitoring (WiFi Only)


Optional Upgrades:

Note: if you want your alarm to work when your internet is down a LTE Cellular communicator is recommended. Please add it to your order by using the link below.

  • LTE Cellular Communicator
  • Additional Keypads or Touchscreens
  • Additional Contacts and Sensors
  • WiFi Indoor/Outdoor Camera
  • Wireless Medical Pendants
  • Wall Mounting Brackets

Compatible Smart Home Devices:

  • Z-Wave Door Lock
  • WiFi Thermostat
  • Z-Wave Lightswitch
  • WiFi Video Doorbell
  • Z-Wave Lamp Plug Dimmer
  • Z-Wave Garage Door Opener
  • Wireless Expansion Module

Ask about all the different ways you can integrate your existing smart home devices. The Honeywell ProSeries platform integrates with Amazon Alexa and can be controlled from the Total Connect app or from any touchscreens.

Weight 12 lbs


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