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COVID-19 Prevention Technologies

With COVID-19 the top of many business owners’ minds it’s hard to ignore the fear of an outbreak or lockdown. Fortunately many manufacturers in our industry have solutions using your existing CCTV or access control system.

Maximum Occupancy Control

Restrict access to customers or clients in order to maintain your maximum occupancy restrictions. We can install a camera at your front door designed to count people coming in and out. When maximum occupancy is reached a customer will see a screen showing the live occupancy numbers, a green or red icon showing them if they are allowed to enter and the door can lock from the outside so as to not allow people in. This means you don’t need to pay anyone to count people in your facility.

Mask and Temperature Access Control

Another technology is an access control terminal with facial recognition. Best used in offices or for employee entrances. These terminals now can check if someone is wearing their mask and facial recognition is highly accurate even with a mask on. It will also check skin temperature and can prevent entry to someone who has an elevated skin temperature. So you get an access control terminal that can replace existing card readers, check for mask and skin temperature and match the face to its facial recognition database of employees, clients or members. This system would be useful for workplaces where remote work is not always possible, for gyms or in public spaces where you need to restrict access.

Crowd Scanning for Temperature, Mask and Social Distancing

Another great technology is crowd scanning. We can install systems that can read over 50 people’s skin temperature at the same time over a large distance, watch and alert business owners to physical distancing or mask compliance. Perfect for Malls, Airports, Casinos, retail stores or anywhere there are large crowds.

thermal cctv solution

We have the technology to make your business safer for customers and employees alike. If you have a concern contact us and we will propose a custom solution.

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