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What is Mancino Technologies

Our Promise to Our Customers

We strive to give everyone the best experience at Mancino Technologies. We will always ensure you have a fully functional system and know how to use it. Too many companies out there try to get in and out as quickly as possible. This is because of a fundamental difference between most other companies and Mancino Technologies:

“Turning a profit is not as high a priority as making you a happy customer!”

-Adriano Mancino

We strive to give you the best prices, but as you may notice in our shop, if we can’t, we’ll tell you where you can get the best price. Our philosophy is to only sell products we know work well, not based on the profit of that product. All products sold online are products we install on a regular basis, they’re products we believe in because they have a proven track record!

“I wouldn’t install this equipment for anyone I care about, and here’s why…”

-Adriano Mancino

Quality is important to us here at Mancino Technologies. You tell us what’s important to you and we will come up with the best solution for your needs. Everyone has different priorities, some are more concerned about aesthetics and others care more about function than looks. Although we always try to find a balance we have options all over the spectrum. Our goal is to educate you to allow you to make the most informed decision. This is why we work so hard to help you understand what you’re buying.

“I’d lose an install job by explaining to my customer how to do it themselves, just for the opportunity to teach someone!”

-Adriano Mancino

We have to make a profit on equipment and labour to stay in business. People understand this and I have no problem explaining what profit we are making and how we plan to use it. Mancino Technologies plans to adopt a radical transparency policy. Mancino Technologies pays taxes, accepts credit cards, is fully insured and a totally legitimate, responsible business. All these things come at a cost and in order to stay alive we charge a fair yet inexpensive rate compared to other companies who are just in it to make a buck.

“I can’t charge you what I pay, but once I pay the bills I’ll give you the best deal I can!”

-Adriano Mancino


So what do we charge? Below is a breakdown of what we believe to be reasonable charges. We do a quality job and charge less than the other guys.

Hourly Rate


For every job we start off at 1 hour minimum which covers the travel (first 100KM) and tech time. Beyond that Mancino Technologies charges in 15 minute increments. If your service takes 61 minutes we don’t charge for a whole hour!

Travel Expenses


after the first 100KM

Travel distance is calculated 2-ways to and from Edmonton. The first 100KM are included in the first hour of labour and anything beyond is calculated and added to the invoice.

Additional Technicians


Your job may take additional man power and we understand paying multiple technicians at full rate is a hard pill to swallow. We want to ease some of the stress with a reduced rate on additional technicians or labourers.

Business Incentive Pricing

Are you a builder, contractor or other large company and want to use Mancino Technologies often? We want to thank you and offer a special discount pricing for those who are in the BIP Program. All customer who does over 20 hours per week for 4 consecutive weeks is automatically enrolled the following month. Have lot’s of work coming up? Enroll in the BIP Program by paying a monthly fee. As a special thank you you will get the following benefits:

Reduced Labour Rate


Take $15/hour off any labour costs both primary and additional technician rate.

Travel Benefits

50 ¢/KM

after the first 150KM

Go further and pay less per KM! Local jobs extended to 150 KM!

Equipment Discount


Reduce equipment costs by enrolling in the BIP Program saving you thousands on large projects.

What Do We Do?

We install security and low voltage systems. We keep on the cutting edge of technology to give you the best possible solutions to your tech problems.



We see more people getting security cameras, but at Mancino Technologies we only install equipment we believe will perform reliably, last long, even in harsh Alberta winters and give you the best quality to value ratio! With top of the line 4K cameras, AI video analytics, night vision and the ability to watch from anywhere on your smartphone all at reasonable prices what are you waiting for? Be in the know, watch over your home, protect your family and sleep better (uh… unless you have insomnia, CCTV cameras can’t cure that).

Alarm Systems

Intrusion alarm systems have gotten a bit smarter lately. Not only can you protect your home while you’re sleeping or out but you can control a vast variety of smart home technology! Locks, Garage door openers, lights, thermostats or even robot vacuum cleaners can be controlled by your alarm panel! Mancino Technologies will probably over think your security which is what makes us so great! We care about what’s ideal for your home and family, while doing things that other alarm companies don’t. Not because they can’t but because they only do it when it’s asked of them. However, our philosophy is to offer to set up some of the cool features only alarm technicians would know!

Access Control

Access control comes in many forms like gates, deadbolts, card access, entry phones, garage doors and more, and we do all of them! Commercial or residential systems exist we can do anything from swapping out a deadbolt for a smart lock to an entire apartment building. With electronic access control you can control who gets to go where without all the complications of cutting keys. Not only can you block access to restricted areas to certain keyholders, you can track who went where, when!

Telephone Entry

Telephone entry is crucial for certain industries, such as multi-tenant buildings, office buildings, unattended warehouses or factories. Allow your tenants or employees to allow guests or clients into the building while keeping the door locked when needed. Advancing technologies allow you to choose from phone or video calls. Whether you want the calls to go to phones or touchscreen monitors you have flexibility! Telephone entry can work together with access control to give you a complete solution.



In residential environments you often see TV’s just slapped up on a wall, wires hanging down. At Mancino Technologies we hang TVs like a work of art! Sometimes quite literally! The Samsung Art Frame TVs can be difficult to make look clean but we can do it! Yes we want to bury your wires so they’re not hanging down…but we also want a bit more. We want to know what you watch, what devices you own like to make recommendations. We can give advice on which TV to buy and which sources we think you should have!

Commercially TVs can be used for digital signage. Did you consider whether you need commercial grade TVs? Not all TVs are built equally, avoid screen burn-in, discolouration and early failure by picking the right gear for the application. Ask about video distribution where you can share sources to multiple TVs in your business or home!


Some people are totally cool getting a Bluetooth speaker and playing music off that, but sometimes you want a bit more. Speakers can be installed in your ceiling or walls, some models are even made of drywall to be invisible! Distributed audio systems allow you to share music throughout your home or business. These speakers can play separate sources at different volumes. As you get further down the list toward the automation section you’ll see the advantages of a distributed audio or video system. With so many styles, colours and finishes to choose from you can use your portable speaker as a portable speaker!

Home Theatre Systems

We bring the boom when it comes to home theatre! All your BASS are belong to us! But we’ll sell you the subwoofer, speakers, amp, projector and anything else you need for your dream home theatre system. Everyone has different taste so we work with you to get the look, sound and feel you deserve! Don’t spend $10 on a movie ticket! Spend much more and bring the movie theatre experience home! No need to sneak in your own popcorn, unless you’re not planning on sharing. Action movies just aren’t as thrilling on the living room or bedroom TV, feel the rumble in your chest like it was intended to be experienced! And no we won’t gouge you on prices, unlike the real movie theatre selling you a $8 fountain drink that cost them 30 cents.


The most important thing we do isn’t a particular system we install, its about the integration of all or some of your systems.


Integration is arguably the most important thing in being able to do all the cool stuff in your home. What exactly is integration? Integration means to get 2 or more systems working together. For example you could do some basic integration with your alarm and CCTV system. You could integrate the systems so when the alarm system is armed the camera system is recording 24/7 but when it’s disarmed it only records motion, extending your recording time. This is one of those things you need a professional for. Sure, equipment of the same brand might work well together, but if you want 2 different systems to play nice a professional will help! There are so many different ways for electronics to communicate. Ask your professional if the equipment you want to integrate understands each other’s language.


Routines are the most interesting part of home automation, but what is a routine? A routine is, simply put, a series of events that happens in a particular order. So turning off the lights, TVs and music, arming the alarm system, locking the doors, closing the garage door and turning on the exterior light would be things you’d find in a “Goodbye” routine. You can trigger routines automatically when something else happens. It could be a scheduled time or it could be a voice command.


Don’t get triggered, we’re talking about automation! A voice command and a scheduled time are 2 examples of very different types of triggers. One is a manual trigger, meaning this won’t happen unless you make it happen. The scheduled trigger is an example of an automatic trigger, you need to take no action to trigger the time. Another example of an automated trigger would be if a motion sensor turns a light on and off when it stops sensing motion. If your systems are all integrated you have so many options! Disarming your alarm system could trigger a “Welcome Home” routine, which could turn on lights, set the speakers to your favourite playlist, turn the living room TV to the news or sports channel and so much more.