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Commercial Security, CCTV and Access Control

Providing technical solutions for all your security, network and A/V needs. From simple stand-alone systems to fully integrated security, AV and lighting. We can find a solution that fits your project and your budget best.

CCTV Systems

See your cameras anywhere you have internet access and get notifications to your phone. Feel peace of mind with 24/7 recording or optional space saving recording options which could extend recording time from weeks to months. 2-Way audio and outputs such as sirens or floodlights make the system so much more flexible. Video analytic options such as reading license plates, facial recognition, temperature reading, mask and physical distancing monitors there’s so much we can do for you. It has never been more affordable than it is now to get access to this technology. Professional 24/7 live video monitoring available. Call for a free quote.

Access Control

Electronically controlled locks and digital identities will allow you to create a secure property and only allow access to the people you want through the doors they are allowed. Monitor when doors are held open or forced open by integrating the alarm system and integrate the CCTV system to get video of the event. You can allow access by a scheduled unlock, PIN, RFID cards/key-fobs or control access using facial recognition, mask, temperature or based on maximum occupancy to keep your business compliant to with local laws. Ask us to look at your project today

Burglary Alarm Systems

Protect your buildings with professionally installed and monitored alarm systems. Monitor doors and windows, while strategically installing motion sensors and glass break sensors where needed. Additionally, monitor for fire, carbon monoxide, flood, high/low temperature or hold-up/panic switches. Arm or disarm your system, check for open sensors and update user codes all from a smartphone. Self or professionally monitored options available. Your other security systems can always integrate with the alarm system to provide monitoring of CCTV or access control.

System Integration

Although any of these systems are great as a stand-alone system what separates us from our competition is the ability to integrate them all together. Create certain keys be able to disarm and arm the alarm system. When the alarm system is disarmed you can have your front doors automatically unlock. They can re-lock when the capacity reaches maximum and again at closing time. Have your camera system start recording when the alarm system is tripped. We can do almost anything you imagine, maybe more! Contact us today for a free quote with Covid safe or virtual walk-through.