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Affiliate Marketing for Mancino Technologies

I have decided to write about affiliate marketing partially because I didn’t know what to write about today. It was a really good idea though, so I thought I’d talk about it. Mancino Technologies has been looking into a couple new revenue streams, one of which is affiliate marketing and selling product online. The pandemic has changed how many of us do business. It has challenged me to think of new ways to bring value to my customers. In this article I will go over what affiliate marketing is, how I earn from it and tell you who our affiliate partners are.

Mancino Technologies is still at it’s core a company that installs tech in your home or business. We will always give you advice on the solutions that best fit your needs. I’m not interested in selling you the most profitable products, I want you to buy the RIGHT product! Let’s face it I have some suppliers that may get you a better deal but I don’t make much selling big ticket items. Affiliate marketing allows me to earn in other ways.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Ha! This should be good, as of writing I’ve been looking into affiliate marketing for less than 1 month. It’s kind of like Daniel explaining karate while he’s still waxing the damn cars. Here goes nothing!

Affiliate marketing is actually a rather simple concept. A company will pay me to send them customers. Simple. When it comes to online shopping I get a link from these companies and anytime someone clicks one of my links it gets tracked. If they make a purchase I earn something in return. This is usually a percentage of the purchase.

affiliate marketing

I came across some affiliate marketing videos on Facebook and TikTok and at first I was thinking it sounded like a great money making idea but I didn’t think it fit into my business model. However that didn’t stop me from doing some of my own research. I realized to have success doing this you need a niche and build trust with an audience. Well my company would explicitly focus on certain products and I am always helping my clients.

If you’re looking to add affiliate marketing to your business the info that helped me is available at

How Does Affiliate Marketing Fit for Mancino Technologies?

I am constantly asked questions from my clients. Questions like “Are Alarm Systems Worth the Money?” or “Who is the Best Internet Service Provider?” So I decided every time I got these kinds of questions I think many people could benefit from to write a post. I’m going to keep writing posts answering questions and try to help people make the best decisions. I’m already doing this in person anyway! Just so you know no one asked me about affiliate marketing, I just decided I need to write this.

So I can help people online with my knowledge, I can answer questions I know people are actually asking and make money. One of my big concerns is trying to get my customers the best deal but also make enough to survive. Normally I find cheap places to buy my products and try to sell them. In some cases the best place is somewhere like Amazon or BestBuy. I am very knowledgeable in smart home products so if I can link to some of the products I already recommend to my customers through stores they have access to they can get the best prices and I can earn too.

Recently one of my customer bought a bunch of Yale Pro SL Smart Locks with Z-Wave. I purchased them through a distributor and put a teeny markup on them to stay competitive. Had I given them the affiliate link instead I would have made more, he would have paid the same amount and my affiliate would have made a sale too. Win-win-win! I added them to my catalog now!

Goals for Mancino Technologies

I want people to come to trust Mancino Technologies to give them advice that’s in their best interest. I want a person to think “I need to buy a video doorbell, I wonder what products @MancinoTech recommends.” (I think I figured out what I’ll be writing about next week!) If they come check my site, and find a product in my catalog or post in my blog before making their purchase decision I’d be ecstatic! Again I don’t want to change my business I just want to enhance it while allowing customers to choose where to shop.

Which Affiliate Marketing Programs is Mancino Technologies Partnered With?

As of now I am only working with Amazon Canada, Cirrus Hosting and I plan on working with other affiliate programs in the electronics space. The next 2 I plan to partner with are BestBuy and Newegg.

Cirrus Hosting

You can thank these guys right here for the ability to read this article. It was important for me to find a great Canadian Hosting Company and I did! I haven’t been the easiest client, always screwing with my PHP settings or installing different apps. They’ve always helped me through the toughest support requests, pointed me in the right direction and most importantly responded quickly. I’ve worked with numerous web hosts and none have been quite as good for such a great deal!

As you’ll soon find out I always go Canadian when possible. has been a company I’ve known of for quite some time through previous work experience. They offer amazing rates and have so many features built in all you need is a good SIP-enabled IP phone (click here to find one on or Softphone. Bookmark this link, I may not be publicizing my provider if I decide to become a re-seller in the future. If you want help managing your account Mancino Technologies can help you with the setup of your home or small office phone system. Depending on where you’re located I may know of other Canadian companies who can help you setup your office phone systems of any size.


Amazon was an obvious one, they have loads of prime products available with some of the shortest delivery times. Not that it fits my business model but I also get kickbacks for every Wedding Registry or Baby Registry. I plan on adding products to my catalog which Mancino Technologies uses on it’s installs. Sometimes I get parts from amazon and as I think of products that are suitable for the electronics DIYer I will add those as well. I do also get kickbacks from prime subscribers so when I write an article about streaming services I will also be linking to prime video.

The way it works is if you make a purchase within 24 hours of clicking my link I get a percentage of your purchase. This way you can support a local business and shop on Amazon at the same time. So look through my shop and if you’re in the market for a new TV, Smart Lock or Smart Speaker and click that link to let Amazon know you trust me when looking for electronics.

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