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About Us

Mancino Technologies was founded by Adriano Mancino at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Mancino Technologies is still a very young company. I had always wanted to start my own company so I could have a say in the time we spend on our jobs. I believed every job needed more time to put in the effort to give clients systems that were installed neatly which looks amazing and reduces service time. Now I have the power to make your jobs look and work their best!

Hi everyone, I’m Adriano and although my company is still just a baby I have over 10 years in the field of low voltage systems. From security & access control to Audio/Visual and whole home automation I have become an expert in all related fields. I can engineer just about any technological solution to many of your problems.

What does Mancino Technologies Do?

I install various devices and systems throughout your home or business and tie them together by integrating them into a single system. Did you know your alarm system’s motion sensor can talk to your lights? Your thermostat can talk to your alarm system to figure out if it’s armed away, stay or disarmed. Linking devices through a central system gives you power and the ability to automate.

When you have the power of automation you don’t just have the latest IOT video doorbell. Sure you can have a video chat with your front doorbell, but with automation you can do so much more. For example, you can have the doorbell play over the speakers. Have the front door camera pop up on the TV. Your home can turn on the front door light as someone approaches and you can even have your alarm system button pop up the sprinklers in the case you need to hit the panic button.

What services we offer

  • Burglary alarm panel installation and monitoring
  • Commercial alarm and access control
  • Structured cabling
  • Home and small-medium business networking
  • Home theatre and commercial A/V
  • Motorized shades
  • System integration
  • Whole home automation
  • Business automation, conference & board rooms

Brands we work with

Here at Mancino Technologies I work with various brands of specialty equipment. Some of the brands that I work with frequently include:

Aren’t sure if Mancino Technologies is right for your project? Feel free to give me a call at 780-652-2047 I’d be happy to help! See more info on our Contact Us Page.