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The Smartest Choice in Security & Automation

What Services Do We Offer?

Mancino Technologies aims to be the only call you need to make for your tech, security and smart home products. We do everything from running cables in new construction home and business projects as well as retrofit jobs. Mancino Tech can install, monitor and service alarm, CCTV and commercial security systems as well as install and service audio/video, home theatre and most smart home and business products.

Smart Home Alarm Systems

Smart Home Security

Alarm Monitoring

CCTV Surveillance

Live Video Monitoring

Home Theatre

Commercial Security

Cabling Rough In

Networking & Phone

What Products Do We Sell?

At Mancino Technologies we only sell products we believe in. All the products sold in our online store directly to consumers are products we give our technicians to perform their jobs properly. So you can sleep well knowing the products you purchase will hold up! We do offer installation on all our products if you are in our service area, however, if you’re not within our service area you can DIY with our help! Not only do we offer various types of products, we also offer virtual support to ensure you’re getting the most out of your products! Some types of products we offer include:

Monitoring Plans

We offer a few different monitoring plans at affordable price points for your needs. See all the features we offer with our most popular plans below. However we would love to customize a plan for you with some of the extra features we offer such as guard service or cloud video storage.

Choose a monitoring plan

24/7 Professional Monitoring

False Alarm Rejection

Emergency Services Dispatching

Power or System Trouble Alerts

Advanced Video Verification

Mobile Remote Arming/Disarming

Mobile Alerts and Notifications

Private Guard Dispatch (upto 2 per year)

7-Day Cloud CCTV Clip Storage

30-Day Cloud CCTV Clip Storage

Alarm System Monitoring


per month

+$15 per month



Smart Home Monitoring


per month

+$15 per month

+$15 per month

+$30 per month

How to Buy a Mancino System

Step 1: Talk to an Expert

Use the chat feature on this site to message us and ask for advice on the best products to solve your issues. Alternatively call or text us!

Step 2: Book A Consultation

Once you’ve had all your questions answered it’s time to book a site meeting. This can be done in person or virtually over a video call.

Step 3: Buy Your Products

Now that we’ve discussed all your options and settled on the perfect products it’s time to purchase. Simply purchase online or by phone.

Step 4: Schedule the Installation or Virtual Installation Support Video Call

For those of you within our service area, you can take advantage of pro installation. That said, we want to help support any of our fellow Canadians. So take advantage of Mancino Tech’s Virtual Installation Support. Included free with any DIY kit so you make the most out of your tech!

Step 5: Get Trained on How to use the products you just installed and Enjoy Your New System!

We will train you how to use this system so you can feel confident you made a good purchase. Whether you’ve purchased DIY or you opted for professional installation you will be taken through how to use the products you’ve purchased. Enjoy your products and systems armed with the knowledge to do so.

Service Area

We can ship our DIY systems across this great country! However, we understand that no everyone is looking to do it all themselves., sometimes it’s nice to have a professional do it all for you. Additionally, some projects just can’t be done without the help of a pro. Whenever you find yourself in this situation know we service all of Alberta and parts of Western Canada and many regions in Southern Ontario.

Southern Ontario

Talk to an Expert

We have made it easy for you to get in touch with us! There’s quite a bit of information about smart home products. However so many products aren’t well documented and need a bit of interpretation. If you have a question about whether a product is compatible with another product or service just ask! We’ve made it easy for you to reach us the way you want, such as integrating Messenger into our website. So feel free to hit the chat bubble at the bottom of the page or use our contact form. Available by phone toll-free at 855.962.6246 or by calling or texting 780.652.2047 during our operating hours!

Book a Consultation

Ready to talk to us about your solution? We’re ready to help! Schedule a free 30 minute on-site consultation in Edmonton and surrounding areas. Not in Edmonton? Alternatively you can schedule a virtual consultation before purchasing your products! Check out our availability and book your meeting now!